Thursday, June 17, 2010


since i watch the alpha project of cheeserland last night on astro, i decided to visit her blog and refresh myself. it's freakingly eye opening! i enjoy reading her post so much, she's cute and young looking, so as her lifestyle for her actual age! i am totally shocked and surprise.

my 读后感 after visiting cheeserland :
*it's sort of a tutorial bah. must give myself homework if i want learn loh. LOL*

this is a picture of sakura flower petals lying on the ground, from cheesie's blog. it's pretty to the max! i must see it with my own eyes in my living years.

ps. this new specs is hurting my ears. so much. == but i don't want to get back to that shop because i just don't want and it's not because i want to keep the specs. aiks. LOL huh :/

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