Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chapter 16 - Toy Story 3

yesterday watched le! super nice! extreme syok! Lol haha. after youth i went to Ning house awhile, wait for the time to pass. 7 walked to Spring and go food court to meet Marc n Lex while they buy tickets. Then when i saw both of them and walk to their direction and they pretended they cant see me cause i'm one head shorter NIAH. si beh bad d. anyways chit-chat and kia with them till 9 baru masuk cinema watch TOYS STORY 3 :DDDDDDDDDDDD

*all pictures credit too Google*

# toy story 1 + 2 character.

cant really remember all their names~ :( its really very long since i first watched toy story1. that time we're still using the big tape! cool si xD toy story2 is watched at 1999? woah its when i'm 5 years old and now i'm 16 already. time flies~

#all charaters of toy story 3

#new characters! lots-o'huggin'-bear seems nice but actually he's the baddest among all neh

# at first i thought big baby is scary but the scariest character in toy story3 is the MONKEY == i hate it so much when it appear

#miss Barbie meets Ken~ :DDD

#Andy! he's 17 liao wei! super handsome xD

#it all start when Andy's finish high school and gonna prepare to go college

#picture above were all VIP toys in a room of older kids. picture below is another room with younger kids where all toys nightmare starts? haha

#buzz gets the girl!

am i saying too much? haha. watch it yourself! highly recommended to all especially 3D. but be warn not to let young young kids watch 3D wei. the monkey really make people kintio neh.

the movie ends at 11. talk while they walk me to mum's car. gosh i don't really get what lex n marc were talking bout but i kinda like to listen to them talking. *they gossips like girls! xD* lex pose when watching the movie si beh cute! love die xD and marc still the old one although its been four month since i see him. act coolde. haha.

quote marc - true friends really ain't the same :) i had a super great time! :DD

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