Sunday, June 6, 2010

chapter 10

sorry for the late update. i know i was suppose to write a post few days ago but i didn't. why? the main reason is because i was too lazy. i had some pictures about what i did last week when i went back to my grandparents to celebrate Gawai. gahh but too bad i dont have any cable with me. maybe i'll post it up later.

briefs on what happened last week:

May 31st - went back with my whole family to my grandparents, a small opening where all villagers walk around and went to certain stations and had an early eat, drink dance and greetings around, reunion dinner take place at night

1st of June - all went to church for sermon in the morning, came back to do some last preparation and wait for friends and relatives to visit, at night most people gathered at the hall to dance, sing. there are other activities such as competition: traditional clothes fashion show and lucky draw.

2nd of June - morning, a sports competition is organized for all ages to join. in the afternoon, people continues visiting until they finished the whole village (normally they'll do that if there able to do so). that night relatives and close friends gathered at my grandparents house for a praying session for my grandmother who was sick. later at night, the band, singing, dancing, show, competition continues. hmm. add on for the prize giving of sports competition. *there was actually a prize giving for a drinking beer challenge. i was wondering whether that's consider as a sport event? LOL*

3rd of June - woke up very early in order to follow mum back to Kuching because she had to work. went to Jan house to do the NIE project and learn a little guitar with her. eventually, the laptop wasn't there and we had no access to the net so we kinda draw, play guitar, eat and watch tv for the whole day. at night, my aunts family came to our house to have dinner.

4th of June - went to Jublee and found out i was the only senior female Tabah "athletics". then i bring the juniors to their sports station and kinda walk around but not actually seriously train myself. stand under the sun for one hour plus, i am tanned n i hate that. gahh.

5th of June - went for guitar lessons so as youth in the afternoon. birthday and korean style birthday celebration programme. ahh nice. of course ma. i mince the garlic boh. LOL cut the crap XD after youth me and my family excluded my brother because he' s there already rushed back to my grandparents again to attend a wedding. ahh nice night too. why? becauce i wore my 5inch tall high heels and i didnt fell down while it was raining that time and the road was very very stony, bumpy, and i walk down a quite slant hill too. crapping agin huh? XD

6th of June (today) - early wake up call so me and my mum could catch up with dad and follow him back to Kuching because he's working. Dad sent me and mum to church, and went work. Today sermon was about 敬畏 God. seriously, it talks to me a lot. went to dajie house and eat there. online for the first time in many days but just awhile. haha. off to Kenyalang to buy something. then stopped at reb house watch a few hours movie at her home. eat with mum and dad and went back home, done some plug-in stuff, and write this. :)

found out without picture its hard to recall ever details. it actually took me a few hours to complete this post. ahhhh i am seriously sick now. kinda use up the whole roll of tissue while trying to finish this too kua zhang lah haha . my eyes pain and tired compare to older days as since holiday started, i wear lenses more time but not my specs.

off to bed now to recharge. Jublee and Ning's birthday celebration's tomorrow!

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