Sunday, June 13, 2010

rants the craps

sorry for the late update. its not how i thought. many people seems to be so free during holiday and hope that school comes fast. yet i couldn't accept the fact that there's only one week left and its back to school day already. its the end of June and i had a feeling that i hadn't even learn anything in this pass six months! gosh. i am sure to fail both maths and add maths for this semester.

there's time i hope that no one would care about me and treat me like i never exist. its far more better than people having expectations on you and you having responsibilities in doing many stuff. i am freakingly tired. tired of the looks of people eyes on me. i know one cant avoid having people expecting something on you but i just need sometime alone. some time to refresh and get things organize. i need time for preparation, i need time to rest. seriously this holiday didn't help a thing.

iscf, prefects, nie competition, youth, most of all, STUDYING and other little bits. somehow i had a slight feeling that i didn't even enjoy a single part of my life.

i know where's my problem. i just don't know how to overcome it. how to be HUMBLE?

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