Monday, June 7, 2010

chapter 11

aiks. i didnt went to jublee today. xuan and tiff didnt go, janjan cant go, i dont want to be the only senior again. by the way, i am don't wanna be tanned and having many color skin tones.

went to Spring for ning's birthday. he's officially 18 now! ahh but he still dont look 18. haha. spent 5 hours in k-box, sang lots of jay's song. somehow jay song is much more familiar and known compare to other artist, almost all song sang by him were picked. now i know why many peer around me likes him sing. i am never fond of him but somehow i just know how to sing many of his song. weird.

ate at tong luo wan with friends and celebrated ning's birthday together with 义工们. talk about "gaganism", birthday "wishes" and natural disaster with angeline传道. learnt that try not to do whats warn not to do, wishes can be made but must be in a right way, and as human beings we must seriously STOP DAMAGING OUR HOME and LOVE THE ENVIRONMENT!

earthquakes are common around now, although people said Malaysia is safe but sabah and miri are having slight minor earthquakes these days. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN ANYTIME. from result of researches, many said that the ice bergs at north and south poles will be completely melt in 40 years time. numbers and stages of tornado, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunami, and much much more are increasing year by year. things got worst too - oil leaks causes large amounts of sea creatures dead, people lack of clean and healthy water resources, sea level rising and irregular temperature happens! i still want to live peacefully, how about the next generations? :(

gahh eyes pain. wore too much and too long of contact lenses. no more sick, just tired feet. next outing, friday! hmm guess so and hope i can go. my diet plan and study plan was so not working. not so free as how i imagined earlier. seriously i need to be organize or i'll really waste this two weeks holiday. gosh.

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