Tuesday, June 8, 2010


beverly's blog was my last stop just now. it was really nice.

hmm~ there's so many major changes happening around me. literally. not me, but others. it somehow changes my mood too. kinda effected and now i am craving for changes. influence and tempting huh. time flies. many people changed from single to paired, paired to married, secondary to university, university to society, effort to success, young to old. :)

but there's some reason i am afraid of changes. just hoping to explore new places, enjoy temporary or maybe permanent new lifestyles. besides seeing people travelling, i want to try my own. besides seeing people getting new stuffs new styles, i crave to change my looks too.

i am hungry. :( but when i saw my pictures with big tights i kinda freak out. heh not stopping me from eating though. hmm. the Gronstrand's arriving Malaysia tomorrow! cant wait to see them. :D

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