Tuesday, June 8, 2010

jing's sweet sixteen

*pictures not provided as i haven't ask for permission*

ahhhh. today's my beloved dear friend aka sister birthday too! her name's Jing. :D knew her since primary and we're so-called very best friend until we separate in secondary. we don't really keep in touch but i always enjoy browsing through her albums and see the pictures she'd took.

many said that both of us look identical. maybe we mix together a lot when we're primary? haha. but seriously i think its so true. even my sister thought she was me even though shes so much taller than me.

she's great in photography, very artistic and creative. she loves nature and is a very optimistic girl. her smiles are sincere and love. :) she's a tall and most of all, she's a talented AWESOME cheerful friend.

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