Tuesday, June 8, 2010

difficult choices

its hard. to be frank, its really difficult. i cant make up my mind, who to believe?

one's my love and close one who seem's matured but deep inside he's not so prepared for major problems and also easily hurt. the one who always care and give me advice, listens to me rant when i am down, but act like a kid at times too.

one's my best friend who always concern for things he really cares, look childish but kinda matured, respecting and polite at all times. the one who's always hard not to resist, hard to understand, always like to 撒娇 whenever he wants.

i really cant make the decision. hurt by the first one due to high expectation and causes me to be disappointed when i actually know he's still a child inside. but he's how i thought he is since i knew him long ago. second guy knew him longer than i do, maybe he should be right, but there's so much doubting for me.

* crave for new black specs! XD hmmm and diet. almost all clothes in my wardrobe cant fit. gosh == *

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