Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This is ME :)

Just got tagged. Thanks to Huan :D but i'm lazy to post in on facebook. Post here instead! Readers are warned before reading, for this is no any ordinary interesting short post! :P



[3] 不行擅自塗改題目。


[] 關於自己[]

01.花名: Thessa

02.生日: 22.4

03. 星座: Taurus


05.搵四個字形容自己: 刨根问底.

[] 關於友情[]

01.覺得朋友重要嗎:Of course.

02.有被朋友背叛過嗎:Not that I know any.

03. 被背叛感覺是怎麼樣: Betrayel's nothing, but loosing a friend, even he/she's a loser, it sure is heart tearing.


05. 通常和好的原因:When everything's clear in between. No secrets, no lies.

01. 友情和愛情哪樣重要:Both.

02. 目前有男/女朋友嗎:No.

03.你很愛她/他嗎:No one's there for me to fell for :)

04. 她/他很愛你嗎:How should i know.

05. 如果他要求分手: A loves that's not meant to be, why force if its better to let go?

06 如果沒有男/女友,有喜歡的人嗎: Nope.

07. 覺得自己喜歡的人如何:I have no idea.

08. 覺得自己會喜歡那個人多久: Not a clue.

09. 如果有一天另一半突然離開:I don't get the question :/

10. 分手的話會不會哭:Ask the future me!

【[] 關於親情[]

01. 屋里有什么人:Dad, mum, lil bro and sis.

03. 最討厭哪個:None.

04. 覺得自己的家好嗎:I guess, overall, its okay.

05.承上...為什麼: Cause i have everything i needed :)

06.親情對你來說很重要嗎: Absolutely, positively, yes of course! 

07.有兄弟姐妹的話吵架都是為了什麼事: Chores that need to be done, responsibility in certain situation and we're not good in sharing stuff. I guess :/ 

08. 後來是怎麼和好的:When the time's right, everything will be.

09.整個家誰是最重要的那個:Everyone in it is equally important.

10. 承上...為什麼:Duh. Its a fact.

[] 自己[]

01. 耳洞:3 yet to disappear. Lol.


03. 抽煙:NO.

04.喝酒:During certain special occasions. 


05.寵物:Does my dad's fish out in the backyard counts?

06. 戀愛:No idea what to say.

07.自殺: This is STUPID.

08.自拍:When the boredom rules, why not? 

09. 网址: Is this important? 


[] 無聊問題[]

01.心目中的對象是誰:Ask God.

02.如果你的 家人跟你的另一半同時跌落海 :I save myself.

03.直到現在有哪幾首歌,可以感動到你?:Song that can truly speaks into my heart, were the Praise and Worships'.

04. 如果你有多啦A夢,你想要它的什麼法寶:Time keeper.

05.想改掉的壞習慣: Laziness.

06. 人生對你而言最重要的事情是什麼:Christ.

07.覺得目前為止做過最有意義的事:Staying alive?

08. 哪一件事情讓你永生難忘:Literally, none, YET.

09.如果還有來生,你要 當男生還女生:Female.

10. 未來有什麼計畫:See the whole world, with my bare eyes, while i can!

11.最想去的國家:Somewhere where there's loads of trees and nature. So guess its still my home, Malaysia eh?

13. 目前最煩惱的事: Exam and grades!


15.有錢的話想包養誰:Parents, and grandparents of course!

16. 你願意花多少時間去等你所喜歡的人:If its worth, yeah. If its a jerk, why wait?

17. 究竟是陪在身邊的人重要?還是心裡的人重要?: I thought everyone's equal?

18. 假如你有一千萬,你最想拿來做什麼:Pay my parent's debt first, next? depends i guess.

19.世界上最值得你留戀的是什麼:Everything. As long its a part of my life.

20. 什麼樣的異性最吸引你:Mature, humor and knowledgeable ones.

21.第一次愛人是幾歲:Haha, i don't think i'll get this rightly answer. so i better just don't.

22. 有什麼事是你覺得一輩子一定要去做的:I'm always curious. So there should be many things that i want it done.

23.有沒有想過哪一天自己是怎麼死的:Nope, i just hope by that day i don't feel any pain.

24. 你最喜歡做的事:A LOT. how life will be if you don't love everything you're doing right now?

25.你覺得自己哪裏最想改:Laziness bah. Owh n jealousy too. 

26. 如果身邊的朋友或另一半有人偷吃,你會如何: Err. I confessed earlier that  i'm not good at sharing. Gah, depends on what situation lah.

27.喜歡被愛還是愛人:I enjoy both. But i prefer been love more.

28. 近期最開心的事情:Holidays! :D

29.愛一個人,需要付出多少代價:Beyond what we could imagine! :)

30. 為什麼會愛上自己的情人:Its unexplainable. I love, because i just love! 

Congrats for making to the end? Haha. 

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