Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i know, i'm a little outdated. haha.

okay, i know the twilight fever's gone

but so what. after eclipse's been shown in the cinema for like a decades already, i've just finish watching NEW MOON. Lol.

guess what. i dont think edward cullen's hot anymore. well i never think he's hot. bieber's certainly hotter than him, wait no. both of them are no way hot. the hottest guy i knew is a korean star named u-know. seriously, not the you-know-who, but his name is u-know. 

here. this guy below is him. hmm. his korean name was actually yun ho. u-know's just the celebrity name he choose when he start his life in showbiz.  

enough said. err this post was suppose to be all about newmoon. well, i was going to mention taylor lautner actually. he's like, super hot too! haha. after the movie "shark boy and lava girl" form long long long time ago, hmm year 2005 i guess, this guy never fail to lemme fall in love with him. haha! from the sexy eyes to the abs, mmmmhm you know what i want to say, i dont wanna get all disgusting Lol. 

does he looks like a normal 18 year old teenager to you? no right! gahh, why westerners just have the mature look asians dont have? hmm abcs' are exceptional. well just my opinion and thoughts, correction will be change if i feel like it, but not now.

and ashley greene, she's like, super pretty! aha. i feel so weird complimenting girls. but seriously i do envy her.

hmm thats all i guess, i really really dont know how to compliment girls so i'm not going to continue. err actually i do know how to compliment girls if i knew them from deep deep down my heart

well, todays PMR last day. congrats to all the form 3 warriors that have ended their battles in this one week war! haha. hope they'll enjoy their holidays while they can, cause life in form 4 and above were seriously tough and hectic. time's never enough.

and today. my holidays end! test coming up soon. zooooomg. 

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