Monday, October 11, 2010

chapter 28

sorry for the late update guys :)

had a busy and fun weekend,

youth young series learned so many valuable lessons of life, had fun too with the youths and omggg realize its been so long i helped to be the pianist. hmm really got many keeping up to do :/  cant wait for next week, karaoke! x) hope to see some old camp friends and long-time-no-see friends who were busy preparing exam to relax with us on that day :) 

night went to riverside majestic for Lion Club of Kuching Host's 45th anniversary dinner. Nothing much to say, but i did had lots of fun there x)

seriously i regret for not taking more pictures :/

camwhore for the night Lol.


yesterday after church, i had karaoke preparation with jeremi and zg, haha. zg sis's sooooo cute. kept dancing behind us while singing. next week sis meehuong's coming back, miss her much! and kinda nervous, not much preparation can be done, just hope next week the youths will bring what we'd request them to bing :/

before that i felt so sick. vomited so many times and gastric pain again. geez i never had so much pain at once before, after an hour, finally felt better. clinton say i'm always sick! haha then i realize my body resistance really is decreasing lah. need sports! gahhh. our principle dont allow us to have vb training at night like always :( i miss those days. now need wait till year end holiday. grrrrr.

at 3 had confirmation seminar in church. gosh time really pass very fast, and i'm like thinking that i'm so not prepare for the confirmation as my knowledge about Christ ain't that much and i'm so not ready :/ but pastor told me that, we're all still learning, so hope i'll learn as much as i can within this two months! :)

hmm. too bad i cant go to jacys birthday celebration last night. thought they sure had a lot of fun there too. i wan cys cheese cake! Lol xP

and jared's video! gahhhhhhh its like taking me forever to upload! yesterday left 6 hours niah, then my dad shut off the pc! wthh. now i have to start over again, guess how many hours left written. it told me ,

hate it. -.-

hmm, later there's another group of my friend gonna have lunch together. cant go lah, no transport. hmm, thanks to NIE project i got free pizza! who'll be the lucky one to share the pizza with me? haha :)

so much crap today. err.  

nyways, gooddays guys. xoxo!

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