Sunday, October 17, 2010

random update

whut a day.

tired ahhhhhh. i almost fell asleep at confirmation today. so guilty :( hadnt had any rest today. geez.

sermon first ma, then outing with 义工, had 检讨 with zei guen and jeremi, after that confirmation loh. Lol these aint tiring gua i guess, main reason i'm tired is cause i lack of sleep last night! but it was fun, chat with 7 person at once, then offline at 12 sth i guess, after that woke again at 3AM, just because alex texted me and my ringing tone woke me up. LOL. chat awhile cause i went downstairs to the living room to sleep cause its super hot, and i cant seem to fall asleep smoothly after that.

anyways, after confirmation i saw a group of FLEXIBLE CREW that once joined the astro battle ground competition guys came to my church for drama rehearsal! whoooooots. engdao si. xDD Lol, joking. hmm, can't wait for their drama, but dont know whether if i'm able to go to their show on the 19th :/

Anyways, cant wait for 陈孟奇 to come to our church on 5th of november! x)

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