Sunday, June 8, 2014


It's five year since I first started blogging. I mentioned from two blog post earlier that I started then, was because of the volunteers I encountered during The Bridge's camp that I joined when I was around 14 years old. I first knew the existence of blogger then, and became fascinated and too intrigued to write things that I myself compose. So, that's how it started. :)

I'm glad my blog was kept alive until now. Haha. It was not frequently update I know, but I still have the desire to keep it and update it now and then.

Some of the exclusives and not shared before on this blog. The old address to my past. I'm not ashame of them but yea. Hahaha it's nothing worth mentioning I know but here's down memory lane on a special day like this. :P

My first blog -
My second blog -
My third and currect active blog -

Reasons that made me settle on this blog, is Because I made a promise to myself although the first post didn't really make any sense. And. I'm glad the name isn't as cheesy or weird anymore as compared to my first and second blog? Haha. Meant to be my love is kind of attaching eversince too. So I'm happy with this and will be always contended with this.

I think if some of you notice, I have more than 3 blogs. Few other secretive lol private kinda blog, language blog, and some-official-academic-related blog. I too own micro blogs such as Myspace, Dayre, Tumblr. Wondering how I keep up with them? I too have no idea. See what my feelings lead me to choosing which to write on lah. Haha. I guess I'm the type that where I can't stay at one place for too long but will eventually miss them when I'm long gone and return to update. But one thing never change throughout the year is, I still love to write. :) I'm glad that passion's still there. I don't think it's more of an interest or so. It's a part of me which I cannot let go of.

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