Sunday, June 8, 2014

You are always here with me.

I admit. My life was in a downpour and all I do was to wait for miracles to happen. Without myself doing anything. Yes. I was waiting, but not making effort. I gave thanks to the Lord in opening up a chance for me to experience His love and grace again. I was afraid to shut my heart on Him, and reject all the promises He gave me. Sometimes, in faint hope, I prayed that my heart won't give up on His grace, and He listens. He listens. Deep down, I know without Him I am nothing. Deep down, I know without His love, I won't be who I am today. I will be worse. I will be walking the street and not living a real life. I mean. With God. With His grace, with His love. I found life. I found life with true happiness, everlasting love and hope. As sang by Britt Nicole herself, it says that "No matter what comes, God will never leave." I believe in that, but I somewhat take it for granted. Until my feelings really get cold with Him. I felt lost again. God mentioned that to love Him, it's either to love Him with all your heart, or not at all. It's took me a hard time turning back, the road was forever going and not coming to an end, but at that moment where I found Him, I dread to feel the emptiness without Him again. I don't want to be away from His words, His love, His grace, His presence. Finally I know what it is like to have faith on God as my shelter with all His covenants and promising words. Thought I was lost but I didn't fear as much. I wasn't insecure. I wasn't unsure about His love for me. Thought I was lost but I didn't lost hope in being able to find my way back. I know I'll find Him eventually. I know I will. I know my Father will be right there waiting for me to come back. He'll let me learn through the mistakes I've made, and make me learn the lessons through the roads I've gone through. I know His love for me will never fade.

Lord, thank you.

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