Saturday, February 22, 2014

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I remembered the first time joining a story telling competition. 

I remembered that evening where I was too freaked out I hid myself in the room not knowing what to do because I can’t memorize any of the lines properly. 

I remembered mummy walking into the room and she saw me crying. She held my hand, look at the story I was going to tell, shortened it for me, and gave me courage. She first believed in me, which made me, believe in myself. Next day, it sucked cause I don’t think my story were fully told, but at least I did it. I stood on the stage, and I remembered a friend giving me an assurance nod. I smiled, I go on. 

I finished everything, and the most important is, 

I’ve learnt to believe in myself.

You'll never know that those little things you do will mean so much to another person, but always make sure that little thing you're doing, is something good. :)

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