Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nothing elseeee

Many days ago I've craved this moment so I can sit down properly and blog about some title in my head specifically. Now staring at this screen, I don't know how to start, let alone continue. So. Maybe I'll just let it flow and say whatever that comes into my mind. Ok?

Now I'm back to UKM, and this is the third day I'm here after the only two weeks Chinese New Year holiday I've had back home. As far as I want to complain about how very little the days I had back home because frankly my sembreak ain't only two weeks but a month, I need to give thanks because I had a chance to go home, and there's even people having only 3 days - only one week of holidays compare to me!

Home was absolute heaven on earth for me. I don't know why people said I'd get use to life outside from home and will not miss home as much as I first started to leave. Truth is, mine was totally the other way round! I miss home more and more each day, I've never missed home so much as I had back in matriculation. Even now I still do and I'd always wonder why I stubbornly chose to study here at peninsular instead of the university back in my hometown. UNIMAS also offers the course I wanted what. :(

Ok enough regrets. Still waiting for the day where my question on this choice of University got answered. I believe God has planned everything in His ways and I shall find out the reason real soon, like how going to Kampar's Mission Trip made sense only when it's over.

So anyways, I am now back at the uni wayyyyy earlier than most of the students, doing preparation for the program I tied myself onto. Not sure if deciding to join this is right or wrong, but I'll never know how far I can go until I decide to do something outside of my comfort zone right? I've joined an outreach program for the Malay Language and will be overseas for maybe a week, destination has yet to be confirmed. Being unaware of what will come next and a little unsure of what to do really freaked me out sometimes, and I always wonder how can I possibly got chosen when my Malay is only enough for the conversation of buying veges in a Sunday Market? Another thing that doesn't make sense, yet.

Talk about not making sense. I really don't know why I just can't understand the speaking of Malay language here. I thought Sabah is the slang that's harder to understand but so far I've never had any big problems with it. I gotta get used to the Malay language speaking as fast as I could but all I hear is gibberish as they kinda speak so fast and used many short forms with a little dialect, I don't know, it's just too hard and I'm very very helpless at the moment. This is probably also the biggest problem I've faced in class, also being the blurry one out, not laughing on jokes told or understand most of the lectures given. See how I think getting into this uni hasn't make much sense, just yet? Prayed God to lead the way and make me know what to do each day, and endure these 3 years by His will.

Gosh this is turning into a post full of rants that doesn't make sense isn't it? Hehehehe but so what I'm gonna post it anyhow. :P

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