Saturday, February 22, 2014

New theme! :)

Hey there! :) I just got my blog a new look. Hee finally I've got my ass up even though I'm long fed up with the dull-greyish theme of my blog just previously.

After blogging for so long, this is the 3rd banner I used and created with my own doodles of the so-called 'me'. Of course again, with the help of animations supported by MeituXiuxiu :P And because I've changed from different genre to various different colors and design in the past, I figured this time I'd use the combination of dark and light.

You see, I've been using the all-dark-theme and bright neon supporting colors for my previous blogs back in the days of my early teens. Then it abruptly changed into bright colorful theme. It took me quite a while to realize that those themes are more to the food/family commercial blogs or some sort of circus-themed look, which I got sick of it then too.

I've begin to went into paths of being more pastel and soft. And I've tried orange, then yellow until my first banner was created -

which immediately influenced me to turn my blog into the girly pinkish pastel look. This was the longest design of theme I've kept ever since owning a blog, but eventually I've decided to change, but not on a good timing though. Here's why.

My second banner was not quite the one that I can say that I am satisfied with. In fact, it kinda bothers me quite negatively where I don't feel very enjoyed when I'm looking at my blog, as compared to before the pastel-pink era what. This banner above has the same doodles I've drawn on except the overall colors I used on my blog were filtered to low-saturated. And there goes to the dull-greyish theme that has accompanied me since. Although I'm not quite happy with the looks of my blog at that time but I don't even have the urge or desire to keep my blog alive, I became very lazy to make any other changes.

Till now.

I've been updating my Tumblr quite often these days and I found that I kinda missed blogging here. I figured I had to make a change but I've used all kinds of colors to portrays this blog that has accompanied me for so long. So this time I wanted to try on something different. I wanted pink back but I don't really want to turn back to my previous girlish-pink-xiaxue theme. I wanted baby blue too but I can't settled with only one-colored blog, neither do I want to end up with circus feel theme again.

So. Here it is.

I hope it's not weird though. 

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