Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Foodhunt @ Sibu

It begins with a 8 hours long ride on the bus. Deciding on a comfortable bus is VERY crucial I tell you. Although I didn't sleep in the bus we use for going to Sibu, it was comfortable that there isn't much rocking or making me sick that I seriously feel like puking. I had no choice but to sleep on the bus coming back to Kuching, even so I didn't think I had a very comfortable ride even when I spent most of my time eyes closed.

The first meal we had in a shop name 世家 just beside the bus terminal - Mee Sua. Leroy said his boss recommended this dish in that particular shop, so we tried. It was quite nice with the soft chicken meat and also the sweetness of the wine in the soup. We chose the amount of red wine to add so yeaa I add in quite a lot. (Y)

Paus' made by Joyce mum! She sells kuihs every weekday morning so we are very lucky to have a chance to try, and actually made some too! 

First dinner with the sibu gangs. I was very very surprised by the price of this big meal. Not only it tastes superb, 12 people eating and yet there's still many leftovers and overall it was like RM180++ only.

Next morning we had kampua for breakfast. One of the must eats in Sibu :))) There isn't much different compare to Kuching's kampua but here you can choose to add soy sauce or not. Then the meat isn't the typical char sew found on every Kuching noodle's topping, it was just, none marinated pork.

Back from kampua, Joyce's mum prepared a table full of food for us for lunch. Her curries are yummy! Aha I have a thing for spicy food what. :9

麦克思 bread loaf. Jacqueline said it was freshly baked and softer compared to other brands. I sayyyyyyy urm it was nicer than fujisan's la but I've tasted nicer ones? Hmmm then again I always dig the sides of bread loafs so I actually like the sides of this bread cause it was a little crispier. Maybe cause of the soft interior the difference of the sides were obvious ehh. :)

Wet kompia! :) Ate in a very very all stall opened in a hidden housing area. Soggy but the taste's new and quite nice!

Dry kompia. Can be found in most places. This was eaten at Muhibah's food court. But I prefer the one I ate in Sibu's Pasar Malam. The one we ate there is freshly cooked, jucier and nostalgic. Dang I've a little craving for that right now.

After a late night talk in Joyce house until 3am in the morning, Joyce's mum woke up to start making kuih to sell. Haha we all helped and yup the photo above is part of the outcome! Proud yoo.

Vinegar pork rice ate in a agua's restaurant? The decor and ambiance of the whole shop is quite nice but this dish is a little urm, 吃多会腻的 fu. Appetizing la but can't eat too much cause a little too sweet.

Jovian's Bak Kut Teh! Sama kedai :O

We're too lucky to collide with BCF on this trip! More food to eat, more things to see (Y) But those evenings were rainy so we went there for a while only. Borneo Cultural Festival is something similar to Kuching Festival. Foods, Funfair, Product Promotion, actually 98% alike to be exact. But one difference is the nice food sold in BCF were stalls opened by 不同潮牌的公会, unlike Kuching   stalls that attract more customers are of all kinds of stalls.

BCF can't really fill our stomach. So we had supper in KFC at Pintu Gerbang Sibu walking distance away from Tanahmas hotel, where we stayed at that night.

Eileen promised to buy me something back then on my birthday while I'm still in college. So she bought two slices of cheese cake for me. Others were bought by us Kuchingnites at Pepper's Cafe in Tanahmas Hotel itself. Heard Eileen said that besides Secret Recipe, the cheese cakes sold in Peppers' were actually sama-sama delicious too :))))

Before going into the shop, Jacqueline said we have to rush in and fight for places to sit. Imagine how good their business is. I don't remember the name of the coffee shop and I was too full to eat more food, so yeaa a little regret for not eating this. It looks heavenly!

On the last night, we had our dinner at Joyce's brother and brother-in-law restaurant. The name's Fefe Cafe and Zakka. I thought I'd go for something different so I ordered this drink. The name's Poison. It was least expected than what I actually thought how it will come out to be. When I guess it'll be milky taste, it was nothing milky but very sour and refreshing. Was lied by the cendol I guess!

I may not be choosy on the food I eat and I didn't mean to not choose the traditional food as the top choice of food after all food I've eaten.......... Actually the point is. This is the best food I have in Sibu. It's.... Pork Chop. Not an ordinary one, but the one that you cut it into halves, just a little tension on the meat itself you can see gooey cheese overflowing from inside. Surprisingly the tastes isn't 油腻 at all even when it's deep fried and filled with chesse, and that's the whole point. Dang that's cheesy goodness of pork.

After waiting for the rain to stop, after dinner at Fefe, we straight go to Muhibah and continue on for supper! Haha. The drink I have is 七味汤. Although the sibu lang recommended that the famous drink to have there is 水果冰 but I'm not a big fan of fruits and total anti of fruits+milk combination for drinks, so I rejected from ordering what the majority have.

Pandan leave wrapped chicken meat! Didn't see it before in kuching. The meat was salty savory but it didn't cover up the sweet smell of pandan leaves bite after bites. 

More finger food. Fried chicken with salad sauce. Hmm this macam nothing special lah.

At first I thought this is fish cakes, but it isn't. At least it doesn't taste like fish cakes. Not too oily, not too sweet. Nice choice of finger food to have with a bowl of ice kacang though.

Ranked second out of the list of food I have in Sibu! Tomyam vermicelli (Tomyam Beehoon) :))) People had to queue up for this and they cook it fresh straightaway after you place your order. The shop was located not far from the bus terminal and it has no signboard. Heard they just moved there and no matter where they move, they still attract the same amount of customers, which is a lot. One big bowl and only costs RM5. :9

Maybe I ate more food but these were only some I managed to get a picture of. Sibu really is a food paradise despite there isn't much outdoor entertainment. The food there is so cheap you can continue one shop after one. Not only the price is reasonable but the food is also delicious. Of course I'm blessed to have experienced friends that can bring me to the famous ones la. Even after midnight there'll still be stalls open and food to find. My tummy had a great time here (Y)

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