Tuesday, July 2, 2013

chapter 65 - till the end of June :)

After two weeks straight of outings with Jerry and Janice. After one week of rest (Strictly said was something like quarantine from going out cause I had too much fun), I was allowed to go out again. And this time, me and the 3 other guys of Kuchingnites, followed with Cassandra and Chian, we went to Sibu to meet up with our ex-college pals! :)

6am in the morning at Kuching Sentral.

Obviously I just can't sleep. Too excited yo!

And here we are at Joyce's house with her nephew. Immediate bond I say. Kids are just..... I like how you can just make friends with them without hesitation. :)

Vin vin throwing his tantrums. But little aunt Joyce sure knows how to handle! *claps claps*

Yesh this is 3++ in the morning we weren't asleep cause had a long late night talk after the long blackout.

So instead we helped Joyce's mum to make kuih. She said because of us she finishes off early. But because of her we know how to make some kuih and most importantly, EAT! Haha.

Ham chee peng in the making. My favourite! :9

The not pretty but still can eat ones.

Eileen mama. Owe her a big thank you. She made our days filled with non-stop laughter, love and also warmth :*

Jacq! Without her we would be walking around. Or renting cars. Or not able to go to hidden places with heavenly food. She's so passionate in helping us I dou bu hao yi si ki :/ 

Joyce babe! Goshhhhhhhhhhh because of this lady we have free accomodation for 3 nights! Erm another night we spent at Tanahmas hotel la. But then 3 nights with kevin, aunty, uncle, her brothers. Free food and lessons in making kuih summore. Dang because of this, staying in Sibu felt much more like staying at home. She's so filled with sisterly love 

Went to Chloe's working place at Everwin just to see her. She's too busy can't take leave so we had to visit her instead. Still looking good and crazy as usual yo. She's been a lovely lecture mate, a great teacher on the subject we used to study and also an awesome caring friend. Loves her :*

At Terminal K! It was like, the best karaoke outlet I've ever been to. At the price of RM10 per person, with a big room, two drinks per person, perfect songs choice, nice audio and service. IT'S MORE THAN WORTH. So far I never found such nice K's in Kuching.

Jacq has the thickest and sexiest voice in the room. Celine Dionnnnn type. Ahah.

Once upon a time champion singer Jov with Jacq. (Y) Music to my ears~ Haha.

This guy sing K pattern banyak like badminton. But he has very nice voice. And this is the first time he went for singing K. I was like.......................okay.

And the blackout hits before we finished our K's. Approximate 530pm :/ Bummer. So we camwhore instead.

More camwhores.

More more more.

In the car. While we're stuck in the traffic jam because the traffic light's out.

It never stopssssss :)

At the agua's shop I mentioned in the last post. :)

Borneo Cultural Festival opening ceremony!

Unlike Kuching Festival that lasts for a month, this lasts for only one week.

Eating agenda never ends too. Supper.

At the hotel room. I felt sorry for the people who clean the room though. Two single bed, that fits 7 people. :O

Eileen mama didn't sleep cause she waited all of us to sleep, and confirm that we all could wake up on time, to swim. Esp the 3 guys.

Cheese cake eatin @ Pepper's cafe!

After bath. Waiting for the guys so we could go to Central Market for breakfast :))))))

There's a lot of places we've been to, thanks to their heartiest planning for us.

石山公园 - Had to climb stairs of mountains @@ but haha it was urm worth since the view at the peak was dang awesome and after all of the food eaten, I guess we need to burn some of em eh.

The restaurant with my favourite choice of food!

With Wenn Nee, Cindy and Josiah at Fefe :)

Stucked in the arcade.

Because taking picture with eyes close is just too handsome (Y) haha.

Playing 仙女棒 bought at Pasar Malam in a park near Delta Mall :)

This just makes me explodes with laughter. HAHAHAHAHAHA

At Muhibah's food court :)

Back from the trip, time for some weight loosing. Will start a more consistent plan after Thursday. Lets hope the will power's strong enough!

Blessed week to y'all :)

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