Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MAP-C Dinner - 20/12/2012

MAP-C; Majlis Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang.
Yeap. All my life, I've never really celebrated my education results before. I never did have the chance to do this well. It feels like I'm in kindergarden again. Not saying it was easy like learning in kindergarden, but how I could actually do good. At first getting 4.00 in UPS was a little shocking for me, I didn't know how to respond when people congratulate me, I shun from being praised, I went speachless whenever people shook my hand. Remembering that I even cried to mum about worrying in how to respond.............................I was afraid of the results at first. I didn't feel like I deserved it, and what will happen to my studying attitude after that? By God's grace, I did well again in the first semester finals, and are eligible to attend this ceremony + dinner. 

There's still a little negative consequences of getting this result actually. My problem lah actually. It was me who get toxicated my the achievements I got. I slacked, procrastinated, and fell into temptations easily. Like I've been tweeting quite a lot of time, saying about toxicated achievements. Sigh. Still trying to change that attitude. Need to be certain what I've been studying for, and I am obliged to put lots of effort in studying. The school fees, allowance given, pocket money, flight tickets, living testimony, people expectation I owed to, my own future I owed myself... 

The only way to change what I've been praying to change, is by making the best out of testimony I've been living all these while.

But this semester's first mid term exam......... Sigh same as usual, I dare not to hope, dare not to wish.

Me, Ching Ting, Cindy :)

The gangs that speaks mandarin. And tidak tahu malu, most of the time stand in the middle of the dewan while others sit properly at their places eating. Lol

Chloe - 38888888

Melvin! 陪我讲电话的男生, haha as in err we two were calling calling different people at the same time in a same place.

Norbitah! Volleyprooo :)

Nat - BKB team captain!

Jia Qi - Taekwando sifu yo

Shalveen awesome beatboxer and Valentine super director! :)

Boss - Kenneth, Secretary - Fredaaaaaaa. Haha

Song Yue :)

Fiqah, Song Yue, Vanessa

Adik Afee :)))


Linda :)

Chu Kee, Eugene, Jerry, Jovian

Chibimaruko Chan! - Agnes :D

Lih Jiun - First Sibu Chinese friend I met and know here :D

Adeline - who has awesome vocal and dancing talent! God gifted :))))

Ms Zaherah

Our Cenderahati (Y)

Ul, Ms Z, Sham

Bio Physics 4.00 students :) 

Account students :)

Kakom Representative - Which won champion among 14 matrics college around M'sia :)

Leroy, Josiah, Lee Xin, Wui Lok, Eileen, Ying Nee, Chloe, Shing Yieng, Janice :)

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