Tuesday, February 5, 2013

3/4 Matircs Life :)

The one and only #NewYearResolution I had "Stepping Closer to God" ; So far, not so good.

It wasn't that long time ago I bid the first semester goodbye and welcomed the second semester of this Matriculation programme. Now, I'm halfway through second semester, and after this Chinese New Year holiday, it'll only take one and a half month, for all these to turn into only memories, where could only look back on, and reminiscent.

2013 wasn't a really great start, at least it's not how I expect it to be. Everyday I went to tutorial classes and also attended lectures, but I didn't really know what I'd learnt. Like really really learnt. Because all the new knowledge just comes and piled up before I even have the chance to understand it all. It's like, I learn all these for the sake of exams, but not to have those knowledge really imprinted on my mind, where it is life applicable. It haven't been really good, to be frank, especially when it comes to studying Financial Management. This mid term exam may be over, but I still don't really know what I've studied all this time. Seriously in need for divine intervention, not on the results, but on how I'd survive for the last one and a half month here, if I still stay this way, where I'm not certain on what I've learnt, and I've learnt it for what.

More midnight oils need to be burnt, and in need to have my desire to fall easily into temptation like eating and sleeping being cut off. 

Despite issues on studies, others went quite well. Same as usual, we all crave for activities that are way beyond studies C: Here are some of those things did and done :)

PSPM Result - 11/12/2012

The results I got and the results I expected in thought wasn't really mutual. Actually feels like I doesn't deserve what I've got, because I didn't really put the effort I should've put into studying. In compare with my friends who persued their studies in A Levels and Form 6, my syllabus were already shorter and much more easier. 就说我学到的知识和他们学到的比例来说一定是他们比较多,如果我还不努力的话,能进大学我会对自己所付出的过意得去吗?不过,我依然对自己的成绩感到很感恩很感恩;所谓觉得自己没有资格拿到的奖赏,是恩典吧 :)

I was actually disappointed with the results I got for English on PSPM, but then came to think about it, I totally didn't put any effort in it, so guessed I deserved it. But Freda says WHAT IF MY ENGLISH GRADE EXCHANGED WITH ONE OF THE FOUR IMPORTANT SUBJECT THAT CONTRIBUTE TO THE GCPA SCORE? it got me back up, I was blinded about complaining, and forgot to give thanks. And again, MUET result came out weeks after, I was truly truly grateful. No intentions on retaking, like totally satisfied. 

(Here's one advice to friends who hasn't take MUET yet and considering on persuing their studies in Local Universities, do speak English when you have the chance to do so. Read a lot of writing materials that are in the language English. Try getting lots of general knowledge to, and knowing how to explain them in English. It's not stupid and an act of arrogant if you speak English always even if all your friends were speaking other languages. Urge them to speak with you, like really, it's really important if you want it to be easier to approach your dreams and taking critical subjects in Universities.) Truth speaking, I can write English only in sentences but not paragraphs. My grammar is always a mess and I sucked at it, getting teased for lots of time but I accept that and still trying my best to change what I could. And at least, that got me getting through MUET. See this living example, I continue to write in English even though my English weren't as good, even though I actually enjoy writing in Chinese, but for the sake of my dad who can't read Chinese (but I hope he'll understand everytime he reads my blog) and my desire to got my writings improvised, I try writing blog post in English everytime I update new ones.


Btw, Freda bought me this after getting our results. Haha.

Not long after that, we send shuai shuai - Amir away :/

He's a great friend his smiles are always contagious. He'll call my name every time from a far I tried to hid my face cause it's so loud -.- haha but he's very observing and also caring to every one of his friends la. :)

冬至节 Conducter Angela made this with us after Choir Practice :) - 21/12/2012

Home, when I'm not home. Even though 每逢佳节倍思亲, because of the brothers and sisters in Labuan Methodist Church, there's more laughter, than tears. There's fellowship in christ, there's bonding time, there's family of christ to spend time with. Mooncake festival, Christmas, every moment we're here, it's like we're somewhere home. Through them, God gave the weak souls big boost of strength and we are recharged to move on, to continue our studies here.

KK Trip - 22/12/2012 to 25/12/2012

Would/ Might write an individual post about this KK trip. So. Yeaaaaaaaaaa :)

After coming back from KK, it's the beginning and the starting of our preparation for UPS II. 

Results of stress - needs of consuming on junk fooddd :P

Pumpkin soup! Ahaha it was suppose to be sauce lol and I took a lot from the cafe and ate it with instant noodle :9

This is one week before the real examm :/

Sometimes even used this to kill the headache and to boost 精神 for studying while I'm tired :O

More sweet food :9 Kiwi cheese cake! Rare food. Very rare food here in KML.

Burger daging cheese speacial. My favv choice! (Y)

Then came the real battle...

UPS II 29/12/2013 - 31/01/2013

So far, I survived. Who knows if I'll still be breathing when the result's out. :(

Mid term exam. Is over. And I'm home :) WITH APPLIED AND APPROVED EXTENDED HOLIDAYS! XD Many many things to finish here at home before bringing them back if not everything will be so piled up. And praying that I'll finish everything. Before going back to Labuan, for THAT ONE LAST STRIVE. ;) Peace out yo (Y) Hipsterrrrrr much. Aha.

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