Sunday, February 3, 2013

KML Sunday Service - 16/12/2012

After weeks of practice and preparation, finally this day has come :) 
I thought I was crazy at first by taking the task on dancing. 
Because I'm more of a backstage person, I didn't like appearing on stage, and never actually did especially on dancing. 

So I downloaded a dancing performance video via YouTube after the first semester finals, learn the steps in advance when I went home and every time I practice on my own, my mind will automatically go like WHY DID I FREAKING SAY YES TO TEACH A DANCE ROUTINE?! I NEVER DANCE, DIDN'T HAVE ANY DANCING GENES AND TOTALLY CRAZY BY EVEN THINKING THAT I COULD DO TEACHING! 

But God work in miracalous way and gifted me with a great supporting team, they helped me to think about steps when I couldn't and everyone will take the initiative to make this work out, helping each other by correcting their mistakes, encouraging the ones who are a little slow in pace, so we could move hand in hand, together to dance for God. 

Danced "Who Am I" by Casting Crown, and I bet the VIP audience that day - God likes it. :) Funny how some of our friends will tease us on some of the dance moves that were actually kinda special and eye catchy, haha cute la them lol for remembering and still imitating lollllllllll. Even until now. Like okayyyyyy.

Here's the rest on what we did :)

Gading Rati Aruen Lourine heeeeee :D

Elieser :))) - Choir

Stefi and Eileen :)) - Testimonial

Eugene - Drama

Eileen, Eugene, Sheng Ping - Drama :OO

Maccolin, Jacky, Adeline, Angeline, Jacqueline - Singspiration

Harry, Maccolin, Susan, Elieser - Devotion :)))

Adrian - MC :))

Dance yoooo (Y)

Su Yong Wang, Esther, Felicia, Zhu Kee, Eugene - Drama

Chloe, Susan, Elieser - Dance 

Zhu Kee, Eugene - Drama

Photos are credited to Reverend Pau and brother Jia Chee :)) Hee sorry they're all in random order :P

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