Tuesday, August 31, 2010

chapter 22

- picture credits to google -

hey guys! HAPPY 53rd YEAR of MERDEKA! :D

today i had my morning at Salvation's Army charity sale. I thought its fun, meaningful, and a cool experience! xD our stall is all under Kuching Host Lion's Club, we help to sale bak chang that's also called rice dumpling. :)

few moments after that we help out at our sister's club - smk sungai maong who went independent that day to sale special hotdog bun with caramelize onion, muffins, and guilinggao :D

for your information, we, sister club whoms all under Kuching Host's st.joseph, kuching high and sungai maong. miss them sooooooooo much already :/ haha.

picture above is special hotdog bun with caramelize onion with clinton
name on it x)

mua best matttte. mr tanchungyen xD

mua craaazie fren. elisa bsk! :D

my cookie monster met mr elmo and albee! haha i heart :) by the way, this is tooken when i went to tuition, in ELC, yesterday :D

- picture credits to sunflower-recipes.blogspot.com -

i am eating cold cold tofuhua now. sibehhhhh nice :D

a little camwhore on friday xD muacksss you guys.

cheers to making new friends today! specially some chicks from sg.maong and dudes from st.joes. xD


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