Saturday, August 28, 2010

chapter 21

hello guys :)
this post will gonna be the tits and bits i had last and the recent month

i am a new member in leoclub, current photographer, and imma a proud member :D
although having intention to join the club many decades ago *lawl a little too much huh. haha*
anyways i've FINALLY joined and also officially a LEO. rwar babe
its quite an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, so far i never regretted getting my ass into this club

activities i've participate in
- Region1 LEO joint installation
- SE programme taiwan

upcoming events
- salvation army charity sale

i got the chance to meet new friends, having closer relationship with certain people, and ofcourse, experience the unusual and different ones compare to my ordinary life, i got chances to met VIP, VVIP and have another point of view towards life now. i realize there's so so muuuuucuch more to learn in life :DD

mr jonathan wee - president of leo club st. joeseph xD my side looks retarded so i cropped the picture :P

margaret fong! haha for those who were in SIB since a long time ago, still remember her? i cant believe i still had the chance to meet her xD

mr tanchungyen xDD he said not to post on fb, blog he didnt mention eh?? hahaha

yeahbabe. i got my tee thanks to Ning! :D
they said if you own one tee of this, you should take a picture with it, so HERE! :D

that's all i guess. all the best from me with love, XOXO.

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