Monday, May 5, 2014

Why the sudden change?

Hehehe. So why I decided to change? Duh of course is behtahan the old blog layout lah. So many colours I sometime see also bo xim ki. So I got back to my original banner back for this blog. (Refer to top lolol.) And back to errr... Pink? Haha obviously pink is forever the new black. And white seems cleaner what. So pink and white it is! (This is totally unrelated with the sudden Japan-craze or sakura thing) It was more of, back to what I'm most familiar with and enjoyed the most. (To be frank I used this banner for the longest time and never get fed up with its looks.)

Enough explaination. Hehe.

So here's a brief update. I lost 300+ worth of belongings. Kinda more like being robbed? Okay the details I'm gonna keep private lol incase if (hopefully not) this gets more complicated.


My HTC one X. I actually didn't see this coming. Who would expect a smartphone isn't a year old to cause you tech troubles? And it's HTC! I'm totally not expecting this from a only-producing-phone brand/company. Soooooo disappointed. With me of course for over-looking and with the brand itself. I thought HTC will be giving least trouble compare to Samsung or Sony but eventually it's giving me a headache now. It just comes so suddenly. And the problem wasn't like small matter but big one. It was actually quite a pain because data roaming kinda consume the battery fast enough (then again this with power bank will solve) but now the battery literally have problem. Last night before sleeping I checked it with 4 percent battery level and with one night of charging the battery level rose only 1 percent! One bloody percent I tell you. How can not be geram with that?

Aduh my English. Like super Malaysian-English. I don't like this change lah so annoying but I couldn't really get myself to write properly now.

Anyways with the large loss this month, I'm glad I have the shouganai spirit(?) Eheheh self-comforting much lol. But what can I do? Felt guilty everytime I talk to mum about the probs I face because mostly will involve you-know-what (money? or maybe you don't) and less about what I've achieved here in Uni. To be honest. I'm not doing well here. I don't see self-improvement and only came to realization just recently. Will try my best though but slow and steady. Okay? Start of first by having the courage to dream big and also the DETERMINATION to last because that's what I lack the most.

Ahhhhhhh. This is somewhat not a brief post anymore huh. How I wish the BM essay I'm working on right now is this easy to write. But seriously. Why when the sudden language change will drag the progress of finishing the writing itself? It takes more time than I could imagine. BUT I SHALL NAT GIVUP YO.

Change is a pain in the ass but everything that start from scratch sure is like that one. (Ohdear deep Malaysian genki flowing in my blood lol)

That's all for now though. Many to say but I too hungry to continue. Oyasumi!

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