Sunday, April 27, 2014

Learning Japanese

皆さんはこんにちわね^_^ Hello everybody!
私は始め日本語勉強します。It's my first time in learning Japanese.

I hope there isn't anything wrong with my sentences. Anyway, I've taken Japanese as an extra subject for my minor. It's kinda attaching and I'm getting more and more interested/ motivated to learn more and to learn faster!

There's the down side of it of course. I'm not learning as fast as I've planned but I'm glad I've spend this evening on this very cute couple youtube's channel. They're a Japanese/American couple and I enjoyed watching every video they made!

They have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course I'd recommend you to watch their youtube channel. とてもいいです!

Well of course sharing is caring, I'm glad Rachel made this video on HOW TO LEARN JAPANESE ONLINE. Of course we all know online is the best and cheapest way to learn but it's even better if you have guides and the links/routes to it!

SO HERE GOES! This is the Video that definitely helped me A LOT.

And here'd be the desciption from the video she made. All the best in learning Japanese yo!


【Language Exchange】
2:42 Blogging language exchange:

3:27 Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese:

【Kanji & Vocab】
4:12 Downloadable flashcard program:
4:34 Visual association (mnemonics):
4:52 Quizzes & game-like leveling system:

【Online Forums for Questions】

【Japanese News】
For kids (Asahi):
For kids (Children's Express):

【Dictionary help】
5:36 Rikaikun (Chrome): (in Japanese)

【Smartphone apps】
Jibbigo Jp
[Courtesy of Brian Lovesmba, for iPod Touch: You can also add an iOS international keyboard using the "Settings" app, click on "General", scroll down to "International" and tap on "keyboard".]


1:35 Genki I (Listening, Reading, Kanji, Vocab, Grammar):
1:35 Genki II (Listening, Reading, Kanji, Vocab, Grammar):
6:04 Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar:
6:04 Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar:
6:32 Beginner's Kanji for Foreign Exchange Students:
6:32 Intermediate Kanji for Foreign Exchange Students:
6:32 Advanced Kanji for Foreign Exchange Students:

【Websites recommended by others】

がんばって ください!

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