Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Officially twenty! OMG twenty! Hahah. No more 10+ wtf.

But sadly it's the 2nd big day away from family. Sad ohhhhh. As expected, my expectations on this kind of day have kinda gotten lesser, which I think it's not so much of a big deal. Well no expectations nor opinion on other people's attention on my day to be exact; of course I'll pamper myself!!! (With mum and dad's money though.) Hehehe.

To make this post a little more interesting I'd like to do something different, something cliche that most blogger would probably do? Eheh maybe not.

So, I'm not actually fond of posting a lot of pictures of myself on this blog but here goes nothing.

Picture sequence from left to right, up to down. Hehehe sorry this is a little visual (tormenting?) Haha.

1. End of 2009. Fugly hair. Hahaha damn. Weird hairstyles came from the curiosity I had in hair cutting. Fyi I really did cut my own hair out of curiosity back then. I still do now, but only the fringe.

2. Early 2010. This is..... Yep I still carry the regrets of cutting my hair own my own. Hahaha it's still a joke I always laughed because of what I've done. But I'll never learn unless if it's the hard way. See? Luckily I was a little young and doesn't really care much. (Face skin was thicker back then, doesn't get paiseh much XD )

3. End 2010. Awkward smile, big nose LOL. The hair grew longer a bit (thankfully.) So I curled the ends(?) Probably temporary. Oh and it's the time where Rebecca Black got famous and there's people thought I look a little like her. I wish! She's pretty despite her singing talents what. :P

4. Early 2011. Going to Ryan's birthday. The year that I met the most people outside of my own high school, as I joined Leo Club. Despite the miserable hair (Still short? It's this sequence in my photo library I don't remember that much to be honest), I had a great time making lots of friend (mostly the hi-byes one now.) Haha.

5. October 2011. Damn I  LOOK SO MAN-ISH! No girl aura pun.

6. December 2011. The curl wears off, and no more silly fringes! (Sighing air of relieves) OHDEAR to those silly hair nightmares.

7. Early 2012. The curl totally wears off by now! It's somewhat straight (duh) At least finally I look a little better than the past. This was when I finished SPM and join the Life-Engineering programme. Awesome experience no kidding! :)

8. April 2012! Back to maggie hair. Having grandma's saloon around gave me lot's of chances to damage my hair lolol. Haha anyways my hair really got really dried back then.

And then I entered matriculation.

May 2012. Looking like this. HAHAHAHA I look so silly. I was at the thoughts of having my fringe sexy long like models in commercials and duh of course it doesn't work. I still keep the fringe for quite long although sometime they're very annoying.

June 2012.

More annoying looks.

July 2012.

Still annoying!!! Hahahaha ok this is getting boring. LOL.

 August 2012. Going back home for a short break = more hair damaging process. This time my hair gotten worst though. Haha. The ends tangled like died knot, now the annoying focus changes from the fringe to hair ends!!!

September, November and December 2012. Because of the hair ends I had it cut short! Bye long hairrr :(


Got my first hair cut at a saloon besides my grandmothers'. Literally a nightmare. The hair stylist is so so so grumpy and so unprofessional. NIGHTMARE I TELL YOU.

So CNY (February 2013) I got home an get it permed. AGAIN. LOL lazy to blow hair what. Plus the hair stylist got my hair cut into a very messy order where it just flies everywhere instead of in a oderly manner.

March April May. And Matriculation ends. (p/s of course I've choose pictures with the best angles and edited skills) To be honest by that time my skin condition has gotten from bad to worst. Kills me when I think back.

May, June, July. (Cheats - Thanks to 360 my awful skin condition didn't stop myself from these selfies.) :P

August 2013.

Entered The National University of Malaysia. (Le sigh) Ok I'm not sure about the sighing but the thoughts of UKM just sends me into an emo mood. Lol.

First semester. August 2013 - January 2014.

Went back home for semester break with this length. Damaged roots at the end of course. But I miss the length. And thankfully, my skin's condition got much better since. :) THANKS TO UKM's FOREST (Healthy air lol) and NATURE REPUBLIC's BEE VENOM series. Haha.

February 2014. By the end of CNY I had my curl and damaged ends cut short.

First half of second semester. Had it cut wayyyy shorter on my own after coming back here.

And treated myself to a professional hair cut with treatment! LOL seriously the hair condition's so much better like few years ago. But kinda miss my long hair. :( Anyways I don't get why my lips got all grey-ish here. Lol ugly weh.

Back to the point.

My day started fine I guess but by noon I get emo. Sigh hope this feeling wouldn't get worse.

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