Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jap #1

See the #1? There is definitely moaaaaaaaaaar coming up on this topic. HEHEHE.

お早う ございます。えーと、今もう朝ですか?ww
Once again I'm not sure if my Japanese sentences were properly structured or does it really make any sense but yea I'm still learning so it's better to use it even though I make mistakes right?

"Language is a tool - you eventually have to use it in order to learn" - As said by Jun from Rachel and Jun's youtube channel. And IT'S TRUE! Recently I've been lacking in practicing it because I've been so busy until last night.

I'm back to business baby! Eheh not really though but I finally got some free time to myself I decided to youtube all night long. LOL part of the reason I do this is because I miss youtubing/blogwalking; I slept for the WHOLE afternoon after Japanese class yesterday (I was sick and had to lay in bed but magically gotten better ever since I woke up); and I ate dinner at 11pm or so? (I couldn't let myself to sleep after eating fried rice and fried eggs to sleep at that hour! I'm already gaining weight and sleeping after that is just. PIG.)

Ok so enough with the life update I'll do it later after this post if my mood for blogging is still there. So anyways. As you can see from the title. I wanna talk about JAPAN. Or being an Weaboos, or some people would call them Hapanese; Japanophile; Wapanese; or even an Otaku. You can search urban dictionary online for the exact definition cause I'm not going to do that Lol but what I'm going to tell you is that all these words that I mentioned actually related to other words such as Fag, Nerd, Geek, Gay, Stupid, Yellow Fever and Hentai (LOL) etc in the synonym list(?)

Why did I suddenly have this sudden interest in knowing more or learn about Japan? You see, I was never a fan of Manga or Anime but yes I do read Manga quite often back in high school (never remembering the names though because majority of them were Shoujo Manga, Crayon ShinChan and Doraemon lol) I didn't watch Japanese dramas (wait does Power Rangers and Ultraman counts?) and only watches a little Anime. It actually started long ago when Kpop wasn't as famous now I brought my first and only Japanese-English dictionary. I read it for a few days, made flash cards but it didn't really last cause I can't use the language itself. Then when Kpop started getting famous, I decided I never did like them after watching a few dramas. I didn't even find Running Man interesting, until now. I do watch some of them but, I just don't get any special feelings from it. Just, neutral. No like, no hate. I kinda like CN-Blue's YongHwa and Tohoshinki's YUNHO though. They're super talented and hot. Haha.

Back to the topic, when I entered University, there's actually this mobilty programme that gave us opportunity to go to foreign country such as Indonesia, Brunei, Germany, Poland and Mexico. But then, I didn't heard about Japan. Then it came to the second semester where I got free time I could sign up for another extra subject to learn, I decided to try German. (WHUT there's no typos there, I first intend to study German because I fell in love with Copenhagen looooooooong ago for being one of the happiest country in the world.) Then the timetable for German classes crashes with my other majors. So I changed to Spanish. OK the night I changed to Spanish my heart was like, very not peaceful. I literally can't sleep and kept feeling that I've made a very wrong decision. So, I get my Laptop, went to the academic online system, dropped Spanish and choose Japanese. YES IT WAS MY THIRD CHOICE. But came to think of it now, I'm glad German's classes crashes my major's schedule, and I can't sleep because I picked Spanish. (I guess I didn't like being normal for choosing Spanish because it's common for people to take Spanish as it's the easiest learning/ widely spoken foreign language other than English)

So maybe in the end I just wanted to learn something that most of the people wouldn't huh. Since you know, I don't wanna learn Korean or it doesn't enticed me that much? Then again the moment I started taking Japanese, I did some homework (very passionately and almost daily) to search about what Japan is like. I even started watching Anime and Japanese Drama, followed vlogs on youtube which tell stories about Japan in the eyes of a foreign! So after all these efforts, surprisingly my interest in Japan has getting more intense lol but no I don't think I'm at the Otaku stage now. Just probably some culture-diverse-curiosity going on but hey! Japan is amazing and very special for me (maybe it's my first time but the feelings growing so yea!) so that's why!

And since I do like learning about cultural differences (as an Anthropology and Sociology student I should right? Lol excuse much ahaha) and being new to Japanese Culture I'd say getting more information about the differences never cease to let me feel like "WOAH, REALLY?" It's like, everything's super duper fresh and unique, in a cute way! (Japan emphasizes CUTE fyi)

Then the next thing is. 六月に東京へ行きます!Hehehehe. Oh and I made a couple of Japanese friends who taught me things about Japan first hand!

OH YAH! And all these beauty bloggers I've followed ever since I own a blog! There's Xiaxue, Cheeserland, Fourfeetnine and QiuQiu. Especially Cheeserland. Her post was everything Japan and they're like those initiators who made me indirectly get in touch with Japan infos almost every day.

So I think I'm gonna stop here for explaining WHY haha. It's getting a little long and boring so yea I think all these blabbery would answer that one short question in bold.

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