Saturday, May 17, 2014


Pictures first. Since the last two post has been wordy. Very wordy. Hehehe.


Then it's Food Paradise Festival where Rina-san, Yuki-San and Shota-san set up a stall to make Japanese food which is ONIGIRI and OCHAZUKE! Heeeeeeee.

Then it's International Language Festival ;) Thank You Nezu Sensei for helping me wearing this Yukata! I like the blue ones better though but lol blue are often a boy's colour for their Yukatas(?) Didn't take picture with the Happi though T^T 


Korean Food - Gimbap (Korean sushi), Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes) and Kimchi Pancake. YUMMEH and super cheap yo!

Thanks to Irfan I have fast pace days but AWESOMEEE. 
Love the guitar but sad I have to give it back to him when he returned though :(

Last Sunday I went to Shah Alam for Amigos Club's programme. I felt kinda dragged there but thanks to Shari (Blue hat) I had crazy fun! I thought I'd be freaking afriad of heights with climbing trees and stuff but I pushed on. It's only cause there's no turning back once you climbed up a 5 storey height's tree =.= Had to continue on BUT IT WAS FUN! And somehow I kinda conquered my fear for heights? Hehehe lemme tell you why later.

Sunway Lagoon!

Jenggggggz! So this is why. I actually said to Rina-san let's go once she asked me if I wanted to. Without any hesitation. And normally I'd be afraid of normal roller-coaster too but this time I rode the VUVUZELA. Google up that if you don't know. Haha I think I'm super cool now! Lol thanks to Epy who dared me to go at first. I'm like why not? Type of mood you know since I thought it will be nothing else different compare to Skytrekking. So yea. (Y) However a little disappointing when I found out that guys (more to saying Epy and Yuki-san XP) is afraid of seen-able heights(?) Don't know how to explain but they didn't wanted to go on with the Flying-fox. So urm maybe wrong assumptions but I didn't confirm with them lah. Hehe.

Healthy disgusted looking strawberries but cheap! Been trying to eat healthy since I kinda gained weight but... I can't differentiate when's my stomach's boring or hungry. This sucks.

Bored on the preparation for college dinner. ZZZ. I was glad I slept gao gao and only go there in the afternoon. I thought I wasn't important in the part of preparation and I was kinda right. My job only starts when the real event starts. Eheh talk like I'm the star of the show, but nahh just somebody who stands backstage. But seriously, I was at the backstage for the event the whole time. Like literally.

At least the best part is I got to wear pretty-pretty and take pretty pictures. Haha.

So these were actually bigger events wear there's photo documentation lol and here comes wordy updates. Haha. I was getting busier though and I kinda like it since my past uni life (at least months ago) I think I actually slept through in order to have time passed by faster. These days it just, passes normally and I actually feels like I've done things.

Presentations, assignments, programmes, projects. It's making me busier but I felt good with it. Sort of like, I'm living again. My life is alive again, you get what I meant? Then again there's the downside of it where I didn't have time to get my clothes washed or even kept my room in a clean/ proper order. It's like, I'm living in a huge mess =.= Well sort of. Ok lah. That's enough update for now, gotta get some things done and go to bed yo!

お休みなさい。Goodnight! :)

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