Monday, October 14, 2013

1st Month as a degree student @ UKM

DID TIME PASSED SO FAST I'M NOW TAKING DEGREE ALREADY? No kidd time really did pass fast that I thought I'm running too slow! Yes I'm now in The National University of Malaysia, Bangi Campus and Currently living in Bangi, Selangor. Sad that I've to be a sea apart from my family :(

Despite that. I HAVE TO EMBRACE AND YES I AM EMBRACING MY LIFE HERE. As a part time student, and a full time worker, for God. :) (Believe me this isn't a one time thought after that camp I just joined, but what a senior reminded me after my first week living here, and has lived in me since then.) 

Academically speaking, I am working my way out because I'm amidst confusion. Literally. Although I got the course that I want, I never could explain to people what it is really about. Just roughly. And roughly, is all I know. I'm taking anthropology and sociology and thank God, he gave me what I want. He answered my prayers, and I got the first choice I had out of the other 8 in my upu application. Week 5 has passed, I've attended quite some lecture and tutorials, but I never did really know what I am learning. But I believe I'll soon catch up, though I still don't know when that moment will come, just hoping it'll come soon.

Made a lot of friends, and also joined a few club and college activities. Went out with seniors and friends, had a lot of fun and played a lot too. But what's fulfilling the hole in my heart, and what I thank God for is giving me the blessings to join CLC (Campus Life Connection). :) It's a NGO that's originated from CCC (Campus Crusade for Christ).

Orientation week. With second year chinese seniors that accompanied us through orientation week and also all first year at College :)

2nd time in a year celebrating Mooncake Festival out from home. But thank God there's company, and also mooncake to eat! :)

Faculty Night for FSSK :) (Fakulti Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan)

My direct senior! It's hard to find any chinese that's taking the course same as I. Even this senior of mine thought she didn't have any junior at first. (I'm not chinese, so she thought there isn't any 'direct chinese junior'. But who knows, I'm half chinese and always considered as one so yea! Thank God!)

LTC @ Port Dickson. Meet up with this two girls :) Finally T.T Among all memories I had in KML, what I missed the most is the group devotion time once a week that we had. These two were two of the many, and I'm glad we're re-united for God again!

Been craving to go to the beach since I came here. And here's a prayer answered. AMEN! :)

These were only some of the many things I've joined. Can't update it all here. Didn't really have the time too. Though I really wanna update frequently and I'll try my best to. I thank God for all the exposures I had and pray that I'll continue to live in His plans and His desires.

God bless your journey ahead in whatever you do! Gotta sleep first for Broga Hill climbing tmr. Goodnight! :)

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