Tuesday, November 20, 2012



I'm actually the kind of the girl that will want everything to go my way whenever I got things planned ahead of me. I accept changes but only when it makes more sense compare from what I have in mind. Stubborn yet flexible. In short, complicated.

So that's the thing that kinda get me into this uneasy situation where I seems to neglect some of my friends. But to be frank, I don't really planned my two weeks holiday before I came home, I just had a mind set where I hope I could spend more time with my family, really rest and try not to spend a lot of money, somewhere in between searching for the reason why I felt so lost for the last half semester.

So there, I was caught in the moment and forgot that I have friends that actually wanna spend time with me. Perhaps it's not to late to repent? But I don't know where to go and what to do! Why, that sounded like an excuse where I can stay home.

#usualtwopersonalityfightingthingy and #consciencealwayswins

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