Saturday, November 17, 2012


A number of thoughts that mushed up into a pile of shit
Didn't get me going to somewhere different and always end up coming back to where I started

She was right, I've not given the ones who have tried even the slighest bit of chance
But I always thought that I know what I wanted, until I heard them talking

It's not about how perfect God's timing is, it's where I always keep the doors close
But when the timing really's perfect, those fear will fade away and God will unlock those doors

I hate having doubts. So not cool

Ps. Heyyo, it's okay and still waiting :)
Pps. My guitar is backkkkkkkkkkkk! Hehe. But dang although can strum I'm too sick to sing #shucks
Ppps. Getting sick while I'm back home is oooosum. Lol not the getting sick part la but where I've mummy to give me meds. #sainai

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