Sunday, November 11, 2012



Dinamika's Dinner! It's themed Masquerade! (Y)

6km Marathon with Labuan's citizen! :)

Mooncake Festival :))))

KML Got Talent

Yay babeh they got first! (Y)

Vocal Surprise Me With Yours

Last Tutorial before Study weeeeeeeeeek

Me and Cynthia :)

Eyebags omo

Went to KOOP wearing only towels and a cardigan. Haha crazzayyyy!

It wans supposed to be a "Get well soon" picture. But the patient edited it. Lol.

The recognized territory with the lecture mates I missssss :(

My roommates :)

Curl after braiding zee hair!

Continue missing piano and guitar :(((

I finally know how to braid this on my own. #Independence


Once in a while you can have luxury ones,

But most of the times must learn to save moneeeeeeeeh.

Went to Anglican Church with Priscilla :)

Mua First Semester Finals Examination Hall

I finally finished all my MUET exams! haha can't wait for next semester's English lessons. More practical, less theory! :P

Zhuliann left for SPA :( No more people speaking madarin in class with me dyyyyy. Sighhhh.

Currently at Mariner Hotel, waiting for 630am so I could leave for KK :)

Yeeeeea. Lots of talks, don't know if the action's enough.


I'll miss Priscilla the mosttttttttttt :(

Till then, bye.

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