Tuesday, January 31, 2012


A place I always never dislike going to :O

This time, I left a secret message on the wall! AHAHA.

Chiet was the one to order her food first and damn did I not squeeze my thought to shut up the smelling senses so I will not DROOL and Slurp up the plate.

Yi's reading SMUC's Undergraduate Propectus ;3

Ohoho. I odered vinegar! Shiver me timber it's yay to the low!

Reb! :)

Doing assignment :O

While K-ing the flight game ;P LIKE A BOSS! (Y)

Chiet fell asleep then. Heh what just posing lol!

And few hours later, Yi decided to order her food :(

Yes. I only can control that far. I TOO HAS MINE THEN!

And well OF COURSE fiercely dug in!

Reb was too good at persuading herself to not eat first until her assignment is done.

Lol she's just too obvious to be exited for err. The food!


After food we took every opportunity to make that whole area look like our own. HAHA!

I was very yellow today. With Yellow background and furniture as booster ;) It's totally a coincidence!

And she's pink. Oh PINK.

Her? EMO bah. Reminiscing the moments she once had in this space, missing the shadows from the flashback she'll always never forget.

Yi modelling with JIAH! C: 吃 in Hokkien fyi. My fan! HAHAHA

Spent 4 hours there doing last minute work. Almost as the time we last had in World of Wheels Indoor, this place have not much people at this time, and we're lucky to have some assignment finished. I guess.

The day doesn't really end that well. Finally, after 4 months, I created an accident by my own careless actions. Because I was too determine not to on the head light of the car when the sky was totally dark, and blame my heavy head for not being bright just for a few seconds, I drove too near to the pillars of the house and scratch a little area on the side of the car. But being honest and confessing straight to dad doesn't make me got badly scold :/ Still, I got my first warning now. OHHHHHH.

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