Thursday, January 19, 2012


I've no idea why I decided to write this. I've been blogging for years but the love and passion for it just gets lesser every time. I always wonder why, but I never knew how to search for the answers.

Until I read one blogger's blog just few moment later and I suddenly have the urge to say something. Something which I have no thoughts of what to say. Or where to start.

I just missed the old times when I used to blog whenever I wanted to, and said whatever things I wanted to say. Even the littlest sentences that mean nothing to my readers but then exposed my feeling, it made me feel so liberate when I wrote a post and blog it out.

But I've lost my grip on how to be honest, or even try to face myself. I choose to post what other expect me to post, instead of being me myself. She have blogged with all her heart, and spilled the beans without turning rounds to confuse people. She sincerely type every single word, without stopping.

She never feared to be vulnerable, and she only tells the truth. Seeing her post, I miss the old me. I miss my childish and insane toddle blogging style. Maybe I shouldn't let the insecurity take over me, and be myself for just this once, or let the feeling goes on.

As the time flies, I realize to write a good post, you must be sincere. You must be you, and you need to write with your heart, but not your head.

Maybe I'll try. Because I really don't know how to start. But the fear's still haunting and I really have to face it. One step at a time, one breath every second. Maybe one day, I'll find back the old me, and discovers a new me.

Never say goodbye when you still want to try, never give up when you still feel you can take it.

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