Sunday, February 13, 2011

Its a rojak post full of awesome ingredients. :)

她不甘心 就诅咒了他
隔天 他因在校外车祸死亡

爱和尊重的缺乏 人性的恶毒 言语的可怕 恨恶的开始 悲哀的事实

Though no one is fully evil, but humanity forever have the nature to hurt and destroy. There's always a side of us that's fake and always pretending. Including me. :P

Ohhmy what am I posting this on such a wonderful day. But real what. Sigh.

Even the EGYPT WAR too. 
 Hannah had a great point here and thanks to her she opened my eye and knew what's actually happening to the world as I don't really watch TV recently nor read the newspaper.

Egyptian anti-government protesters sleep in front of an army tank to prevent it from moving during the night.

A man prays near Egyptian army tanks positioned between protesters and Mubarak supporters

Protesters stopped an army officer from shooting himself as he sobbed. [Cairo, Egypt]

Who wouldn't feel heartbroken when they saw these pictures? Especially the last.

Imagine how God'll feel, looking down on this nation, His nation, at all the hurting people who don't know Him, who reject Him, who are desperate for Him. Imagine the people crying out to their gods, where are they to save them now? Jesus, only He saves. Jesus, He loves them. Jesus,.. we need a miracle. He is the miracle.

I see the ring on his finger. He's married, maybe he has kids? Perhaps they're at home, watching the news fearfully; wondering if her husband, their father, is going to come back safe. I see the hopelessness in his eyes, maybe he thought that this life simply wasn't worth it. He's never going to win the fight against these violent protesters, what is this job worth? He might as well put the gun to his head and end it - But wait. There is a man. A man who dreams of freedom, a man who values life over an easy way out. And the army officer stops from pulling the trigger, as he breaks down crying. Maybe one day, there will be freedom. It is not his time - yet.

Egypt is a large, mostly Arab, mostly Muslim country. At around 80 million people, it has the largest population in the Middle East and the third-largest in Africa.

Read this and tell me it doesn't touch your heart. Tell me it doesn't make indignance and hurt well up in your heart.
"Do you see what Mubarak has been reduced to?" said a young man, coughing into the scarf his face was wrapped in. "Today's the beginning of a new Egypt, a free Egypt."

Freedom? Is this freedom? Hurting and desperate people, confused in the midst of all the violence and terror, freedom is what they call it? Fear, death, anger, confusion. Freedom? This is not freedom. Jesus is freedom.

Partly copied from Hannah. Credits to her for opening up my mind. Pray that this will touch hearts of others too. Lets also pray for the people who needed us so badly, especially Egypt.

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