Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy valentines :)

for true lovers, everyday will be valentines day. 

Talk about love, as a teen I really have to admit that there's always temptation to have a relationship. But despite testimonials from friends who'd gone through continuous breakups and the unstable emotion teens tend to have, I don't believe that either one of our relationship will last long, nor stay happy always. Unless they are mature enough.

Okay it doesn't mean that I totally reject to have a relationship but I never will believe in myself and never dare to do so. If it's not the time yet, it will not be. He'll prepare a right person for me at the EXACT right time if I have the patience. 

Since I kinda get used to my life in form 5 now, thanks to God, I don't think I am able to accept anymore changes and if I should probably focus only on studying now. Though I thought we should be flexible in life. :P but I am not ready for any dramas yet. XD

Once again, Happy Valentines in advance!

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