Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Norman Goh just said something that bang on my head and touches my heart so deeply. In twitter, he mentioned: "War in the skies in Kuching. Solemn and quiet night deep in my heart. Prayer for the less fortunate. Bless them abundantly as we celebrate."

Days ago my mum told me an incident that happen in her office. Her colleague witnessed a little girl desperately wanting his father to withdraw money from the bank so they could celebrate Chinese New Year. The girl's father pause for a moment and said:" But I didn't have much money anymore... ". Then he decided to cancel the insurance he had had since few years ago. Guess what? The only amount they can get from the insurance is RM1800, and they can only get the money after Chinese New Year...

Appreciation is what we need to emphasize on. In seasons like this, its not all about how many red packets you got, or how wealthy you look with all your new clothes on and how beautiful your house looks. Cherish the ones you love, and also appreciate with what you have. 

Share the extra to those who needed. Remember the less fortunate and let's pray to be blessed so we could bless others.

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