Thursday, November 21, 2013

Prayers for a Godly relationship :)

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Dear Jesus I long for You. I want to be passionate about You. I want to have an insatiable hunger for Your word and desire Your ways. Jesus please help me grow to accomplish these things for I don't want to be weak and fall to an ungodly relationship. My desire is to honor You in my life. My Lord and King I want to be filled by You, completed in You please don't let me settle for less. So, when the man you have chosen for me comes along, I will hear Your voice directing me and I will have no doubts. Amen.

You're waiting for God's best but deep down you desire to be whisked away. Sometimes your eagerness to be pursued and cherished makes this season seem almost impossible. But take heart, the romance you so crave was woven in you by God. This rush of emotions you are experiencing is of no surprise to Him. He longs to woo you to the point where nothing else matters. He desires to love you until your cup runs over and passionately pursue you till you realize He is all you need.
“God made the stars so high, so when we stared at them he could whisper to us ‘My love for you is higher.’ He made the ocean so deep, so when we thought about it, he could whisper, ‘My love for you is deeper.’ He made the expanse of the universe so wide, so that when we gazed in amazement at it, he could whisper to us, ‘My love for you is wider!’”— Mick Mooney


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