Sunday, November 24, 2013

A little something to realize - KungFu Night

Warning - this is more like a personal thoughts that most might not understand/ cannot relate to.

Having a lot to say but not having the rights to say made this an opportunity to revive my blog, although I'm very certain that this isn't for a better reason, since what's to come next might not be spirit lifting, at all. Just a short clarification, not having the rights to say meaning that I, as a junior and just partaking a small role in the event make me thought that way.

You see, I just finish an event, which I took a little part in helping it to operates. Throughout the whole process, I can say it's very eye opening, for my overall perceptions on people of my peers (most of them to be exact), and I hope it doesn't generalize peers, from my generation.

Quote the senior that gave us comments just from the postmortem just half an hour ago, "You all are egocentric, self-centered, not initiative at all, lack of respect towards seniors, and too dependence on people." A big part of me agrees to the words they described us, and I really hope I'm not in the list of that description of working ethic, because for what I think, people of our age with education should really act like we're educated, should act as real civilized people, what more to say we're already taking degrees in university.

I think other than the description above, our problem for this generation also includes that we have low level of self-realization, most of us would rather complain, then to find a way of solution/ take it as an opportunity to learn/ and we never repent on the mistake we made, worst of all, we would find ways to put the blame on other people.

We who enrolled/ joined the programme should willingly take up our own responsibilities;
We who want to earn LC(Learning Contract)/HP should work hard for it;
We who have troubles in finding ways to solve problems we faced in different department should take the initiative and ask help from experienced seniors;
We should humbly take on our jobs and adjust our perceptions/attitude while facing problems;
We should communicate as a team rather than communicate individually as different departments;
We should respect and give cooperation to people who are assigning us to do things in our job scopes;
And as those who assign people should set boundaries in the weight of the job assigned to the amount of people in the department, instead of mismanaging.

I'm not talking like I have a lot of experience or so, but as what the advisers of the programme kept sighing about which is "we never listens" lead me to sigh too. Them giving such comments about us made me disappointed to what our generations has turned into, because for what I see, most of us carries that attitude of all the description stated above, and I truly truly don't wished to generalized us all, because for now, I generalized us.

I think it basically comes back to the beginning on the part which motivates us. What is the ultimate goal which we want to achieve? We should really have a mutual target on what we want to experienced in the end, like a basic guideline/ blueprint of where our heart and mind should head to. Maybe if we started in the right direction, everything wouldn't be such a mess and at least we really know how we should prepare ourselves for this programme we did.

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