Saturday, August 11, 2012

KML11, 12 - I'm coming home! :)

Week 11

The week I got my first chance in Lead singing during Mass :3

Night of practise - Freda was having a little pop quiz with Harry :)

Me in Ching's white blouse! (Y)

Foods we had and always seek for on Sunday - Homy :)

The days continue - "Preparing" for UPS. Haha

Saturday - Majlis Berbuka Puasa with all my tutorial friends.

Stopped by at the bazaar eearly to buka puasa first. Too hungry! :O

Me before the majlis. Tidy ehhh. Haha

After a few hours. Hair's back to the typical oily mess :O

Week 12

Another Sunday choir practice :) I love watching them sing.

Kopi - MUST.

Supporting Datuk Lee even it's the week of UPS. The cafe's bursting with us students! 

Bits and pieces of the week. Tension!

Everyone had their exams at different places. Mine was at Asrama Pelajar Perempuan, near to my dear-old-room :3

After exam - Messy table!

Highlight of the week - went to Joyce's room when she's asleep and woke her up by singing birthday song! 

Friday - Going to church to overnight. Yes, home's near!

Mounts of luggage and baggage. 

Outing - the only Starbucks I had, in a cute little glass bottle. :3

Very expensive Bak Kut Teh!

螳螂捕蝉黄雀在后 ! x)


Saturday - At Miri's airport! :) 

Thank God there's Clarence to help. Yay for the Starbucks he chia too! Ohhhhhh lucky me x)

Yes, in 3 hours, I'll be breathing the air of my old hometown :) See you, God bless! :)

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