Monday, February 20, 2012


There's this tragedy that society has told us to believe.

Which I totally deny and object, for its not true, and its totally a lie told.

Once a person felt useless, he or she will shut down the possibilities to think positively, and totally give up everything, even his, or her life.

Once a person doesn't felt the love around, he or she will thought that no one actually cares. But the truth, he or she has already given up on himself from the very beginning. He have lost the love for himself. He eventually will too give up everything. Including life.

Everyone needs a security for life, who what he or she felt. They needed a person to rely on. Unfortunately, in the real world, many people are too focus of their on profit, their own gain and left out others or neglect what others feel.

We must know that, when we FEEL that nobody's around, nobody cares, and then led to a thinking that tells us that we are useless. But honest speaking, God create everyone for a reason. He bring you here to do something meaningful, even if it's something small.

Hey, NOBODY's useless. You can be use as an example to encourage people in every way. You must find a way out of the negative thoughts, and start influencing and guiding people around. 

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