Saturday, February 18, 2012


Sigh yes. I've been sighing a lot these days. Apart from my job, I can't think of where my other times were spent. Or otherwise, I didn't even have spare time that made me actually think that I own some time really doing things that I love.

As many people knew, I like solidity. I like being alone and yes, often I don't actually feel lonely. In fact, I enjoy all the time I have for my own use. Although I can't deny I too sometimes will be desperate to have a companion. Err wait, before I continue, I shall stop this topic. I might end up gibberish-ing about the clarification of my own condition with the needs of people. So yeah, enough said.

Then again, recently I have been struggling from time gaps to gaps, trying to fight my tired mental and heavy eyes so I could squeeze out time to do the things that makes me feel content. Similar as some very typical nerdy girls(or maybe not), I watch movies and gobble up novels to bring myself into another era, world or beyond. And these two months, despite my limited mental strength, I tried avoiding surfing the net as much as I can, to do all these. Seriously, I've really tried!

Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer! I've finished both New Moon and Eclipse on January and 5 days ago I touched on the last few chapter of Breaking Dawn but sadly can't continue cause I really can't find any suitable time to read it. This bugs me quite a lot. :(

Last Friday I've watched Shakespeare in Love! A little tragic, but beautiful. Sigh, I hope I can watch, or either read "Macbeth" and "Romeo and Juliet". Any Shakespeare's plays will do. I've tried, but I just don't understand his language. :/ Yes I still crave, and shall read it soon. (Aha I've borrowed a children's version in the library recently :p)

Pride and Prejudice! Love love love love love! Watched it just yesterday, and yes, I will be willing to watch it all over again. Misunderstanding that leads to love, stubborn and yet honest. I like ;3

Due to recent projects I have on hand, I decided to borrow this book, trying to seek for guidelines. But instead, it contains so much reminder that in daily life no one will teach. The truthful short stories in within made me indulge and seek for more, words after words have the ability to heal and touch hearts and yes, it's worth the indulgence. :)

There's many other books I bought or borrowed. And I really hope to finish reading even before the due dates of those books came by. I may be or is a little greedy, but somehow think that I'm not. I've set a target for myself to read and expose to new informations as much as I can but little did I know, my time management skills weren't that good I often find my time too little to spare.

I wish, or I hope. I wouldn't end this five months with regrets in my heart.

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