Monday, October 24, 2011

Solemnity doesn't taste sweet.

Greetings, earthling. I came in giving you all a big kiss on the cheek! xx

Orders given by the place I call "my heart",
I here by declaring myself for being alienated until the 7th of December,
from the world wide web that never failed to let me linger so long in the labyrinth of temptation,
and somehow tantalized me to slack and procrastinate the mission to save my own future because of my sluggish attitude.

I, once a dweller of the earth and soon will be,
is very gratitude for the presence of the all mighty that never abandon me from being jeopardized, 
and always taught me to be able to discern the rendition of reality in spite of my vulnerable emotions and rambling mind.

To my friends who were going through the same mission as I,
all the best and GBU ! x)


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