Saturday, October 15, 2011

chapter 53 ; #13

The temperature's rising abruptly but the sky seems so dim and lovely-cooling. Here I am, wishing to get a quick shower but my ass just cant move.

Then I was hungry, I cooked myself a small pot of hot instant noodles, which I can't wait to try and my lips literally touched the hot pot. Without a doubt, where I was supposed to be enraptured by the tasty cheesy noodle, now feeling so-not-hungry but only pure pain on my vulnerable lips. Which also obviously, look half-cooked.

Recently Ms.Law introduced us to this book. I bought it and adores it to bits and pieces! It means so much when just several pages could set your imagination ablaze with ferocious flame and instill snippets of romanticism that warms your heart from within. This is a book published by the neighbouring secondary school - St. Teresa Kuching and written by aspiring Teresian. :))

Hopeless Record sent me several emails reminding me that there's new videos being uploaded on Youtube. Heee I've never regretted subscribing to their channel. Most of their release suits my taste of music perfectly I say, as how I first fell for All Time Low, which I prefer their Ori Music Version rather than acoustic ones. Unlike Secondhand Serenade vocalist and guitarist John Vesely, he somehow flawlessly combines with acoustic music.


Sing For Me - Yellowcard

Be The Young - Yellowcard


See Me Smiling - Yellowcard


Life Of Leaving Home - Yellowcard 


With You Around - Yellowcard


The Sound Of You And Me - Yellowcard 


Hide - Yellowcard

Logos Hope, which made me excitied just thinking about going on board, actually organized several programmes in conjunction from selling of books. I search the net for news but eventually can't find any. Except the one in Port Klang. I guess, I'll try harder and share it here asap if I got their schedule, hopefully before they arrives because purchasing of tickets needed time ><. :))

In the process of searching for the schedules, I encounter this website, that actually caught my attention.
Since everything happened for their own reasons, maybe there's a message behind what I came through? Only God knows. ;)

Testimonial have been filled with my achievements and I'm positively unsure and negatively affected by what I've wrote. Heh. What I've heard from teachers who asked other students actually made my level of confidence became futile and frail. But who are they to kill our spirits just like that? I'm sorry but I'm not being offensive Just, it's true that certain words can really hurled us into rifeness pain.

Alright lah. All the best Amigos! GBU x))

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