Saturday, October 1, 2011

A short farewell

I was thinking what will life be like without going to school. Will I not study and laze around? Will I get so depress because of no social life with random people? Will I miss someone?

Then I hope, no matter what happen, I'll have this comment at the end of my everyday lifes.

It will be a good day if my life perception is right. Right? But knowing is not enough. It's a matter whether you can do it to make your day good, or you can't.

Well then I look at the time, and I was like,

Woah I'm up here for nearly 12 hours. This is just too much.

Hey, I might not be online for quite awhile starting now after I shut down my PC kay? Weather's getting hotter by day, do take care and God bless! xo

Adios <3 :)

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