Friday, January 7, 2011

chapter 39 - quick update :)

hello darlinggggggggs.

okay srsly, form 5's life is beyond my expectations. almost everyone, including me, changed their attitude towards study. even the ones who were playing whole day during form4 life, those who doesn't ever pass up their homeworks and assignments for previous year, NOW, they pay attention in every lessons, pass up every homework given, and even went tuition 24/7 every week! lols kidding. they did pass up every homework lah, ohh and go tuition too but its like at least one day free only.

so now i have tuition everyday, including piano on sunday, but except for friday cause besides school and club activities, i'm actually kinda FREE compare to other days. see! despite me for never having more than two tuitions at once, now i have a tight schedule i didn't even get the chance to fool around anymore. sobs.

life's so hectic now and thus i need you guys remembering me in your prayer kays. thank you and God bless  :)

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