Tuesday, January 11, 2011

chapter 40 - i breath music!

Sparks fly, its like electricity~ Bahaha this ain't the song "kissin' you" by Miranda Cosgrove =P
This is the feelings when a song is played once, and the next second you fell for it completely. Music's certainly not all about life, but without music life's like a picture without colours or food without seasonings. Thus, I NEED MUSIC TO LIVE! x)

Far Away - Nickelback Lyrics Video

A song I wished I could play so badly with my guitar but my skills ain't firm and I can't play that well =( oooh so what. The determination will not end and I shall improve my skills after SPM! :D

The Maine - Everything I Ask For

A song with the cutest lyrics I've ever heard since so long ago =P haha seriously bah I can't stop laughing when I sing along. By the way. If this guy is my boyfriend and he sings this song to me, my heart will for sure melts like mint and vanilla flavored icecream :D OHHH.

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me

New Singles by Britney Spears! Frankly this song is pretty tempting and easily obsessed with. LOL. Hmm the lyric's kinda grown up type but please don't get me wrong. =)

All Time Low - Weightless

Same comments for "Dear Maria, Count Me In" that I've posted earlier - Hearing this is like opening a can of awesome sauce and spreading it on my cool beans! XD I can't stop replaying their songs lah! When I'm awake, before I went to bed. oooooooooh :)

Waterman - 愛很大 萬人合唱 MV

A song that motivates everyone to love, and encourage the heartbroken to move on. A song that i wanna made a cover of my own but I need some private spaces first to do recording. ooh and need time to practice too. haha. seeing seniors posting videos of themselves is seriously veryyyyy tempting. man screw my tight schedule!

last but not least ♥

Music of praise and worship is the most peaceful, heartwarming and beautiful :)


wait! i won't stop here. do recommend awesome songs for me yeah. i need it! thankyou loves ;)

God bless!


  1. hye!!! cant wait to see ur video playing guitar! : )

  2. alright and thank you! haha. btw i don't really dare to scroll down your blog, im really weak! =P