Friday, November 26, 2010

not so long ago x)

geof bong! woohoo. he came in our class like suddenly and we - eileen, elisa, adrian, and me sama sama do this. wtf he's cute right! xD

the last two days of school, this is my lunch! and after lunch, elisa and me spend like few hours going around our school area looking for jobs. but haih. nothing much to say bout this. Lol.

woohoo. on the last day of school, ning jie come and pick me and we went to tarot! haha drank this freaking nice awesome green tea with whip cream and blah ingredient that makes me feel like o.o LOL. went to distribute magazine but now only 20% gone! omg i hope other company wont blame me for being late.

NASHA! omggg i heart her so much! and her sis natalie too! they're like super cute! x)

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