Friday, November 26, 2010

chapter 33

yay. Lol wtf its another emo period.

first. family issues.

second. friends issues.

third. money issues.

fourth. time issues.


neh. i did. but everything's the same and wtf i'm walking in circles now @@

and so, yeah im sick for like 3 days. 

then when the cold medicine doesn't give you the drowsy effect anymore cause you take too much, its better for you to sweep through the kitchen cabinet and search for alcohol. and so, i did and all i found is this (BERENTZE's wild kirsch). drank, and slept like a baby.

 *note to CHILDREN* pretend you did note saw this and please do no do what i did. PLEASE. 

i just don't know what the heck is going on with me. to be frank, im craving for alcohol these days. *why do i even bother to tell you this?*

since i've DEACTIVATE my fb acc, all i do is sleep. Lol no lah, told you i was sick like hell for three days. and today browse through my file's picture and saw this zomg awesome coolness pic. heh. HOLIDAY'S BORED! but i still like lying around doing nothing.

i really wish i could do so.
i want to feel the freedom again.

and to the you, 
*some specific person please don't perasan*

yeah. thats all.

xoxo, thessa.

p/s. phone no credit. the ONLY way to find me is call me. 


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